stop reading the alt tag noob
besides, that was an epic adventure in zelda from what I recall of the event..

she says no?

3:18 PM | April 30, 2013
hikaricore:  Hilarious UPS delivery status: Met Customer Man
12:00 PM | March 7, 2013
hikaricore:  Speaking of your spacebar issue of course.
11:59 AM | March 7, 2013
hikaricore:  I suppose it was only a matter of time.
11:59 AM | March 7, 2013
hikaricore:  XD
8:15 PM | March 6, 2013
pax:  and my spacebar stopped working
8:15 PM | March 6, 2013
pax:  mymomisinthementalwardandI'mdrunk
10:36 PM | February 24, 2013
hikaricore:  Totally happy to preserve a piece of rave music history. I wish I could actually host the files directly on my site but you know with the world we live in these days that could be a problem. Mediafire to the rescue. ^_^
10:11 PM | February 24, 2013
blakestar:  thanks for posting my old mix, i thought it was lost in the ether.
10:49 PM | December 18, 2012
8:55 PM | December 4, 2012
hikaricore:  Of course!
6:33 PM | December 4, 2012
pax:  *shrug* If I don't remember it, it's new to me?
1:12 AM | December 3, 2012
hikaricore:  Nope, same one.. I've been really REALLY lazy this year lol.
11:56 PM | December 1, 2012
pax:  Is this a different December theme?
11:44 AM | November 24, 2012
hikaricore:  Shazzam!
1:55 PM | October 26, 2012
hikaricore:  This is awesome:
That is all.
4:33 PM | October 10, 2012
pax:  I just found out the wedding I'm in this weekend is having an open bar. I just got super excited.
12:27 PM | October 1, 2012
11:38 AM | October 1, 2012
hikaricore:  Star Wars?
5:05 AM | October 1, 2012
su2ge:  Yay for microscopic organisms that invade the body and cause adverse reactions that affect sleep! Oh wait...
12:10 PM | September 11, 2012
Core:  I now need a pci wireless card that is n+ or better that has WoWLAN so short of internet loss at the house I can remote in to my pc. Yeah im really optimistic about this one folks.
12:03 PM | September 11, 2012
pax:  My random pokemon is some kind of cat-looking thing, and it's dancing to the nyan cat video. ^_^
9:56 AM | September 10, 2012
2:40 PM | September 7, 2012
hikaricore:  Consider me amazed.
8:36 AM | September 7, 2012
pax:  So it turns out that my mom likely had heat exhaustion, and the house wasn't really that bad. Other than having to sit in a car for 24+ hours over the course of the weekend, it was actually a nice visit. I think that's the most lucid I've seen my mom in about seven years.
3:40 PM | August 30, 2012
pax:  Thanks! It's gonna be the best! On an actually positive note, I won't have to get her in the hospital because Mike and Mary took care of that last night. And my sister will be coming down from Atlanta to share the responsibility.


random pokémon